Sunday, October 19, 2008

Staff Party '08 @ Jogoya

Time flies...... and it's our annual staff party again, this year, we celebrated @ Jogoya, the same venue as last year!!! What's our theme this year? You would be able to guess from the above picture right?...haha

Am not going to talk much about the foods here as I personnally don't think their buffet is nice eventhough they have a big variety of choices!

[Group Photo]

["Cat Walk"]

OMG! the catwalk session was horrible, everyone must wear their mask and do a catwalk after that our one and only beloved judge will pick 3 winners among all of us....As you can see from the photo, there are 2 freaky ladies who can't stop laughing and cat-walking side by side....LuShia & I, haha...we were just too shy to walk alone, thats why we decided to walk together.

[Skyblue mp4 Player]

The final session and the one which all have been longing for, is the Lucky Draw...and you know what? I'm the first winner of the night, a consolation prize (that mean i got no chance to win the grand prize..... The consolation prize is a Skyblue mp4 player, well it's better than nothing right!!!

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