Monday, October 13, 2008

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

Steven brought me to Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Garden during the weekend. He visited there once & discovered that their foods are nice & unique. Purple Cane Tea Restaurant advocates a modern concept of light but flavourful dishes with less salt, oil, sugar and no artificial flavours. The dishes retain the original aroma of tea. This begins a trend of the delightful and healthy tea cuisine.

[Ginseng Tea Soup @ RM 5, Burdock Tea Soup @ RM 5]

The display picture is not tea, it is Ginseng Tea Soup & Burdock Tea Soup, an ideal appetizer of tea soups which is double steamed with different tea in Purple Clay Tea Pot and served each individually. The soups tasted excellent!!! This is a Must Try....

[Green tea rice @ RM 1]

[Sambal Cuttle Fish @ RM 18]

Sambal Cuttle Fish tasted great with the aromatic sambal paste & tea...

[Anchovie Spinach @ RM 15]

[Teow Chew Fish @ RM 20]

Well, the Stir Fried Spinach and Achovie with Tea & Steamed Teow Chew Fish just tasted normal.......

There are still a lots more dishes to try, will probably visit Purple Cane Tea Restaurant again!!!! See you there....


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