Saturday, January 26, 2008

T & K Seafood @ Bangkok

Get to know T & K Seafood Restaurant from my friend who used to travel to Bangkok, she strongly recommended this restaurant to us.... Well, i have a good comment after i tried out this restaurant......... their seafoods are really fresh....They do served grill seafood must try as well.....Beside grill seafoods, "Tom Yum Goong" is one of the dishes you must try also, the tom yam flavor is thick enough & it is hot & sour, unlike some other Tom Yam soup we tried from other restaurant eventhough tom yam soup is one of the famous dishes in thailand...

T&K Seafood
49-51 Phadung Dao Rd,
Chinatown, Bangkok.
Tel: (02) 223 4519
Open daily: 4:30 pm – 2:00 a.m

Friday, January 25, 2008

Nam Sing Restaurant

Nam Sing Bird Nest is just located at Chinatown. You probably will see the signboard once you get there, Nam Sing served bird nest & shark fin and the price range is depends on the quality you order. You can have this maybe after your dinner at next door.....(T&K Seafood "recommended")

[Superior Bird Nest Soup @ 200 Baht only]

Nam Sing Restaurant
Phadungdao Road, Chinatown

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trip to Bangkok 16-20Jan08

We just came back from Bangkok on last Sun...omg, im so tired....not enough sleep, everyday seems woke up very early in the morning, and then walk and walk and walk...everyday seems 早出晚归...哈哈

everyone enjoying this trip very much...bangkok is a nice place for tourist and is good for shopping, provided you shop for those cheap stuffs which is not a branded.....branded stuffs is expensive if compare to other places.... many people asked me whether i bought lotsa things, be frankly, i really didnt spent much, hahaha.....just bought like 10 pieces of tops la....not much right???? i guess so.....:p and i bought a hello kitty bag as well on the first day shopping @ siam paragon, happy happy....haha

[Damnoen Saduak Floating Market]

[Damnoen Saduak Floating Market]

We get a taxi to those attraction spots everyday, the taxi fares is not expensive, the price is still resonable, like 40-100baht...those places that we want to go is not far thou, but the traffic is very bad....really worse than kl, thank god that im not working in bangkok....we went to khao san road and purchase the ticket for Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Safari World(, The floating market is situated 110 kms west of Bangkok, price @ 230baht per person(include transport & boat ride), it is quite attractive, you can see the traditional way of thai selling goods like foods, vegetables, fruits & souvenirs on their takes us about 1hr for the boat ride...

[Tiger Feeding @ Safari World]

[Dolphin Show @ Safari World]

Safari World cost us about 800baht per person, included transportation & buffet lunch....bangkok safari is huge, we reached there about 10am and then go back @ 4.30pm...there are many shows like tiger feeding, bird show, sea lion show and etc....well, those shows are just similar to other shows which have in others zoo/safari...the different is, those animals listened to thai....maybe they speak thai as well....wahaha.....anyway, bangkok safari is worth to visit...others attraction spots like wat phra kaeo, grand palace, wat po (reclining buddha), erawan shrine..

[Wat Phra Kaeo]

[Wat Pho]

Ok, now talk about foods....the first day we went to siam paragon food court for late lunch, most of the foods there taste good... can try.......we having our dinner @ one of the seafood restaurant in chinatown, wow, that was delicious, the taste very nice & the seafoods are very fresh also...expecially the "tom yam ghong", really delicious.....we actually plan to go for 2nd time, too bad the traffic was very bad, so we give up, maybe next time....

Most of the thai gals are very pretty...You can see pretty gals everywhere....and most of them just looks like chinese.... :D

I will go back to bangkok again.....for eat, drink & shop....hehe

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I think we probably need to go for grocery today.....steven & i feel bit hungry yersterday night, so i go to my foods corner (@ home la)& trying to get something to eat, but then, i noticed that most of the tibbits, biscuits are all expired already, haha......luckily those drinking stuffs is still not expired...:p

it is time to get in new stocks ..............hihi....:D