Sunday, March 29, 2009

Restaurant Makanan Laut Sin Hai Ping

Restaurant Makanan Laut Sin Hai Ping is located in Kuala Selangor, a small fishing town called Pasir Penampang after the bridge spanning the Selangor River. For those who are not familiar, it is just located opposite the shoplot of River View Seafood Restaurant. We went there for lunch last 2 weeks ago. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there...

What we ordered?????

[Seafood Porridge @ RM 27.00]

The restaurant signature dish - Seafood Porridge (fish,prawns & crabs). Taste-wise ok, but the portion seems a bit small for 8 persons as everyone of us can only have one piece of seafood each..

[Fried Oyster Omelette @ RM 13.00 ]

Fried Oyster Omelette with prawns, something special & it tastes good.

[Baby Shark Meat @ RM 16.00]

Have you ever try Baby Shark Meat before? We ordered this dish which is recommended by the chef. Erm, I don't know how to judge this dish, as for me the meat is just similar to fish.

[Vege @ RM 8.oo]

[Gong Bou Scallops, Clams & Bamboo Clams @ RM 18.00]

Well, this is a must try!!! It tasted pretty good. The seafoods are really fresh.

[Fried Mee Hoon with Crabs @ RM 30.00]

And the last dish, Fried Mee Hoon with Crabs. Yummy Yummy!!!

Restaurant Makanan Laut Sin Hai Ping
No.97, Pasir Penanbang,
45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603 3289 2365
+603 3289 2786

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour'09

Let's switch off our lights for one hour tonight @ 8.30pm for Earth Hour.
Let us all do our part to save the earth!!!

Visit here for more information:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lammeeya @ One Utama

We supposed to have our lunch @ Kluang Station but came across to this restaurant "Lammeeya" located just opposite Kluang Station and then we decided to give it a try.

Lammeeya is famous on their "Lam Mee". There are various type of Lam Mee to choose though.
I ordered Original Lam Mee & Steven ordered Curry Lam Mee. To me, it tasted so so only, In fact, i don't really like Lam Mee, but if you like it & think of having Lam Mee when you visit one utama, this is the place you can try out.

[Original Lam Mee @ RM 8.80]

[Curry Lam Mee @ RM 8.80]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

[Fish Pond]

[Vege Farm]

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is located @ Hulu Langat. We got to know this restaurant from our cousin, he strongly recommended this place to us as the foods there are nice & affordable. The restaurant is located in a secluded area in Ampang. For those who plan to go there for dinner, I would suggest you to go early as the road there are winding, bumpy & there is no street light.
Fish & vege are all fresh from the farm. This are what we ordered.......

[Bayam @ RM 8.oo]

[Pakul Balacan @ RM 8.00]

[Tom Yam Seafood @ RM 18.00]

[various cooking style of fish @ RM 110]

Yes...we had 5 various cooking style of fish. This is the first time we had 5 dishes of fish in one meal.

And here are all the BBQ...........

[BBQ Prawns @ RM 15.oo]

[BBQ Squid @ RM 12.00]

[BBQ Lamb @ RM 10.00]

Everyone enjoyed the meal.....
Our bill : RM 227.00 for 8 persons.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to Primary School!

[start work]

Yes, am back to primary school again....For What??? help out at my brother books exhibition. It is fun to joined them on the book exhibitions, some of the students are really cute when asking questions.

[all the story books for sale]

[students choosing their favourite story books]

Lunch...............the canteen, as you can see, the tables & chairs remain the same even after so many years.

[yellow mee soup]

What to eat? of course their mee soup......added with some chili sauce, it tasted just the same as what i had during my primary school time. Yummy!!! It used to cost 50-80sen a bowl ...and now, price already increase to RM 1.50.

[price list]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

5 Tips To Beat Insomnia!

I saw this article while browsing thru some websites & thought to share it with all of you here...

A good night’s sleep makes you smarter, happier, boosts your immune system and overtime can actually slow the aging process. Unfortunately, during these stressful days, a solid 7-8 hours is harder and harder to come by. You don’t need me to tell you just how lousy and out of it you feel when you sleep badly. Besides, beauty sleep is no mere expression — everyone looks better and brighter when they’ve had a full 7-8 hours. Make sure you’re getting the shut-eye you need with these tips:

Alcohol is probably the substance used most often for sleep, reports a study in Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (it’s also a major ingredient in many over the- counter cold medications.) However, when you fall asleep under the influence, both the quantity and the quality of your sleep are adversely affected. Even small to moderate intakes of alcohol can suppress melatonin (a hormone that help regulate sleep), interfere with restorative N-REM cycles, and prevent dreaming, according to Rubin Naiman, PhD, a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and coauthor of Healthy Sleep.
Try moderate exercise instead to help you sleep better — and as a bonus, you’ll lose a few pounds

Caffeine boosts alertness, activates stress hormones, and elevates heart rate and blood pressure — none of which are very helpful when you’re trying to get shut-eye. Some people are more sensitive than others to caffeine’s effects, and one’s sensitivity may be hereditary. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, take note that its half-life — the time required by your body to break down half of it — can be as long as 7 hours. In other words, if you were to have your last cup of coffee at 1 pm, a quarter of the caffeine it contained could still remain in your system as late as 3 am. In women, estrogen may delay caffeine metabolism even further. Between ovulation and menstruation, you take about 25% longer to eliminate it, and if you’re on birth control pills, you take about twice the normal time. (Newer, low-estrogen pills may have less of an impact.)

Most sleep researchers advise keeping your bedroom cool, but not cold — the National Sleep Foundation recommends between 54 and 75°F. This is because a cool room makes it easier for your core body temperature to drop, which must occur for you to fall asleep. (Body temp reaches its lowest point about 4 hours after you nod off.) However, the thermostat is only part of the story: Proper air circulation and a big problem in hotel rooms — can also facilitate a drop in body temperature.
A series of fascinating studies done in the past decade and a half by Swiss researchers Kurt Kräuchi and Anna Wirz-Justice, PhD, found an inverse relation between warm feet and cool body temp: When your feet and hands are warm, the blood vessels dilate, allowing heat to escape and body temperature to fall, initiating sleep. Conversely, when hands and feet are cold, the vessels constrict, retaining heat, which may keep you awake.

It’s true that carbohydrates boost the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan in the blood, which in turn boosts serotonin. But don’t assume that a big plate of pasta will put you to sleep; in fact, as a general rule, anything that raises body temperature, including the consumption of calories, wrecks sleep. Plus, if you have any digestive problems such as heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), eating a big meal before bedtime is just asking for trouble.

Most experts insist that we regularize our sleep. They point to evidence that our circadian rhythm — the natural ebb and flow of energy levels throughout the day — thrives on consistency. The more predictable our sleep schedule, the better our bodies work, they say. But even those who argue this most strongly admit that, while it helps to keep a regular sleep-wake schedule, it may not be the complete answer.
According to researchers, even if insomniacs keep regular sleep patterns, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll sleep well or long enough, notes Kathryn Reid, PhD, a research assistant professor in the department of neurology at the Northwestern University Center for Sleep and Circadian Rhythm. Napping is an issue on which experts are also divided. Bottom line: try to get up and go to sleep at roughly the same time most days of the week.

So now, try these 5 tips in order for you to have a good night sleep!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I've Bought?

Before i go to this M.A.C Hello Kitty launching, I came across a blogger who mentioned that most of the products were sold out during the lauching @ Mid Valley & this happened to Lot 10 Isetan as well. I went there with my colleague, we did not see any customer when we arrived there, but when i was looking for the accessories stuffs, the promoter told me that the purse mirror was sold out, plush doll only left 1 & petite bag only left 2. Im like WHAT??? Seriously, costomers even called up to reserve the products before the launching.

Ok, lets see what i've grab from there....

1 soft black pleather 8" Hello Kitty plush doll @ RM 169.90
1 limited edition Hello Kitty lipglass @ RM 63
1 purse-style black plastic mirror compact @85 (it so happened a gal who reserved but decided not to buy at last and that's why i managed to get this mirror at the end)

Click Here to view all the collections.

*FYI, they do not carry all of the products in Malaysia market.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

M.A.C Hello Kitty!!!

MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Sanrio Global Consumer Products to create a Hello Kitty color cosmetics collection. I saw these products from M.A.C website before, but at that time not sure whether these product will be available in Malaysia till I received this little card from Isetan.

"Play Everyday with MAC Hello Kitty"

Yes....... it is now available in Malaysia as well. To all Hello Kitty Fans, let's celebrate the launch of M.A.C Hello Kitty colour & accessories collection @ Isetan Lot 10 on 6 March 09.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heavy rain causing massive traffic jams!

heavy rain --> flood --> traffic jam

Sigh......, the heavy rain caused flash floods & I was stuck in the bad jams for 2 1/2hrs .... poor me...........

Sunday, March 1, 2009


After 2 months of maternity leave, it is time to get back to work! Time passes really fast, im going to start work tomorrow.

We are so happy that my mum wanna take care of Chloe, poor thing my hometown is in Malacca, so we can only see her during the weekend.

Chloe just went back to Malacca with my parents today, i miss her so much now!!! sob sob..................