Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hill Damansara Heights

The Hill

The Hill is one of the famous hang out place many people are talking about lately. It is a converted bungalow built on a slope with al fresco drinking area, indoor lounge and restaurant, located at Lorong Dungun (just behind Menara HP). 

Milo Ais Cocktail RM 25

The Hill specialized in the quirkiest & funkiest cocktails in town. One of their famous signature cocktails is Watermelon Slush. Am so tempted to try this but it is better for two sharing due to its serving, since Steven is not an alcohol person, so I had a try on the other specialty cocktail - Milo Ais! A mixture of kahlua, rum & milo. Hmm, nothing special though compare to those i usually mixed at home. The only thing different is they mixed kahlua with milo & I mixed it with fresh milk. Hehe

What We Eat?

Soft Shell Crab Salad RM 18

We started with Soft Shell Crab Salad served with wafu dressing. A mixture of Japanese soy sauce, rice vinegar and vegetable oil.

Mushroom Soup RM 12

Aglio Olio RM 48

Steven ordered their pasta - Aglio Olio for main course. It served with jumbo tiger prawns tossed in extra olive oil and chili flakes. The tiger prawns are fresh. It's good indeed.

Pan Fried Salmon RM 38

As for me, I had their Signature Pan Fried Salmon, wrapped in their special house batter & served with a side of sauteed spinach. Are you a salmon lover? If yes, this is the one you must order. It was simply delicious. Wholesome one, I would say. Two thumbs up for this dish.

As a conclusion, we got no complaint on the foods we ordered, no complaint on their services. The only thing to complaint was the parking area. Parking space there is really limited, so you will have to park your car a distance from the entrance of the restaurant and it's a bit dark though.

The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory 50490.
Tel: +016 220 1505

Monday, September 19, 2011

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab Desa Sri Hartamas


After trying out the yummylicious spicy crab at Causeway Bay Hong Kong, we are now heading to their Desa Sri Hartamas outlet to have a try! It's easy getting there, the restaurant is situated just behind Souled Out.


It not the right time for our visit there though as some of the seafoods are not available mainly due to raya cum national holiday break. But it's alright, at least we got the chance to taste their most famous dishes - Authentic Garlic & Chili Crab! :)

Let's see what we ordered:

causeway-bay-spicy-crab03 Seafood Fried Rice with Garlic & Chili.

The rice fried just nice with the garlic & chili, it tasted fragrant! I would give two thumbs up for this.

causeway-bay-spicy-crab04 Vegetables with Shark Fish Bone Soup - RM 24

causeway-bay-spicy-crab05 Steamed Sea Prawn in Garlic Paste - RM 38

The prawn were fresh. It would be great to eat with white rice as the garlic paste is a bit salty.

Steamed Crab

Typhoon Shelter Garlic & Chili Crab 

We ordered two different flavour crab. Steamed crab & the infamous Typhoon Shelter Garlic & Chili Crab. Those who want to try the typhoon shelter garlic & chili crab, this is highly recommended! You can choose from different degrees of spicy to your choice of taste such as slightly spicy, mild spicy, medium spicy, very spicy or super spicy.

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab
26 & 26-1, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 6205 2280
Business Hours:
Monday - Sunday
1130 hrs to 1500 hrs; 1800 hrs to 2330 hrs

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ocen Seafood Restaurant Tanjung Sepat


Ocen Seafood Restaurant is situated in Tanjung Sepat, just next to Lover's Bridge Tanjung Sepat. They do serves a variety of fresh seafoods here.

Here's what we tried:

Kung Po Mantis Prawn

Oysters and Egg Omelette

Tau Foo kang (smooth Thick Tau Foo Soup)

Kam Heong Crab

Overall the foods we ordered was good. The crab was very fresh indeed, the only thing is the crab meat is not thick enough.

Ocen Seafood Restaurant
Lot 109, Jalan Laut, 42800
Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat, Selangor.
Tel: +603 3197 4443

Hai Yew Heng Tanjung Sepat

the shop

Everytime before we explore a new place, googling is one of the must-check before we heading to the place. I came accross Hai Yew Heng from a number of food blogger, it seems to be a recommended one and so we headed there for takeaway to try out during our Tanjung Sepat trip!

the making

You can either buy the baos from their ready made shop or buy from their opposite kopitiam (coffee shop). From there, you can sit down and enjoy the freshly made baos with coffee if you want.

ready for steam 

These are the Hainanese baos they are selling: 梅菜(salted vegetables), 菜(vegetables), 豆沙(red bean), 加央(kaya), 生肉(pork meat) & 花生(peanut).


We packed salted vegetables & red bean for a try. I personally like the salted vegetable bun (梅菜) so much. It was fragrant and fluffy indeed. Love it!

Hai Yew Heng 海友兴包点
405,Jalan Pasar, 42800
Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia.
Business Hour: 1.00pm to 6.00pm daily and public holiday from 10.00am

Tel: +6019 643 6043 / +603 3197 4144/ +6012 272 9009

Restaurant Bukit Jugra

the restaurant
Restaurant Bukit Jugra (丐帮名菜叫化餐厅) is located at Bukit Jugra, near Banting, in the district of Kuala Langat in Selangor. We stopped by there to have lunch during our way to Golden Palm Tree Resort.


Before you go there, you are advised to make a booking in advance. Just call them & make a reservation together with what you want to order!

here's the place for all beggar's dishes, cook over charcoal ashes

here you go, after it was done

Here's what we ordered:

Beggar's Chicken

Beggar's Chicken is the signature dish that makes people travel all the way here to try out this! A whole stuffed chicken cooked over charcoal ashes. It tasted great, the chicken texture was soft with the aromatic herbs. Nice one!
Traditional Rice

A glutinous rice that cooked with dried shrimp, dried mussel & mushroom. I personally think that the rice is over sticky for me and it does taste like sticky mushroom rice..Haha 

Fish Cake

About the fish cake, if you ask me about the taste, I would said it's nice, but my mum cooked this very often & it tasted superb though. Well, the presentation is special, fish paste stuffed back into the fish skin and deep fried! 

Stir Fried Vege

Herbal Chicken Soup

Last but not least, the nourishing chicken herbal soup, boiled with codonopsis roots (党参), polyconatum odoratum (玉竹), wolfberries (枸杞子). The herbal broth was thick after long hour boiled, it definitely a healthy one!

Restaurant Bukit Jugra
Bukit Jugra (Permatang Pasir),
42700 Banting,Selangor.
Tel: +603 3120 2515

Golden Palm Tree, Sepang


Golden Palm Tree is a 5 star resort located just 25 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a half hour from Kuala Lumpur city center. the Golden Palm Tree is a recipient of the CNBC Best Property Award and Best Interior Award 2008.

We spend one night stay in the resort. Here are some pictures of the resort for sharing:

the lobby


The walkway to the villas. You can opt to take a short walk to your villa or take a buggy to the doorstep of your villa.

deck overlooking the sea

here's our villa

Premier Travelers Palm Villa

Premier Travelers Palm Villa with exposed alang-alang roofing, the villa was spacious, it can be accommodate for either 2 adults or 2 adults & 1 child. All the villas are built on stilts above the sea, and range from 52sqm to 232sqm in size.

private deck

walking around the resort

infinity pool

We are satisfied with the villa we stayed. As for hotel services, still room to improve! And also the car park which I personally think is not convenient as we got to park our car outside the resort and then take the shuttle van to get to the lobby.

If you are looking for a place to just relax & unwind, Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa is definitely an ideal resort for that. Besides, it is also perfect for family-friendly fun.

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa
Sepang Goldcoast
No. 67 Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,Kg. Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 3141 1572

Tanjung Sepat One Day Trip

Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia. This little fishing town is located near Banting & Sepang.

Since we planned to stay one night in Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang, we then decided pay a visit to Tanjung Sepat. Yes, this is our very first trip to this small town although it's near by to where we staying.

Let's see Where to go & What to see in this one day trip.

First, we heading to Restaurant Bukit Jugra (丐帮名菜叫化餐厅) for the famous Beggar's Chicken. So, again, our best pal Mr.G guided us to the restaurant without any hassle. I would suggest you to take your GPS with you in order to get to the restaurant.

After lunch, we heading to Hai Yew Heng. They are famous for their homemade bao (steamed chinese buns). It is located not far from the hotel, took us about 20mins - 1/2 hr to reach there.

Since we are too full for this, we packed some back to the resort for tea. After that, we take a short nap at the resort and then headed to one of the famous attraction place in Tanjung Sepat - Lover's Bridge Tanjung Sepat. Hmm, nothing much to shout about this bridge though, it reminds me one of the bridge at Portuguese Settlement Malacca, which already removed long ago.

Here's some pictures for sharing:

lover's bridge

walking along the bridge

view after sunset

After the short walk, we then headed for dinner. Yeah, a seafood dinner that we couldn't miss out during Tanjung Sepat trip! There are few seafood restaurant there though, we had our dinner at Ocen Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is located just next to the bridge. (more)

That's all for our trip. If you ask me is it a nice place to visit? Well, I would said it's nothing much for a tourist but definitely a good place for photography! But of course if you are planning to have a one day trip to Sepang Gold Coast, you can might as well pay a visit to Tanjung Sepat too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dreamz Bakery

Dreamz Bakery is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. They specialized on Cakes, Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes, and Cookies. Besides making orders online, you may also walk in there for their finest cakes or cookies & pair it with a cup of coffee or tea.

entrance to Dreamz Bakery

my macaron RM 15.90/box

I've been wanting to try macaron for quite some time. It so happened that i saw Dreamz Bakery do have macaron available, so i ordered 2 boxes from them to try out! A box of 8pcs macarons comes with 5 different flavor: yam,chocolate,orange,rose & mocha, RM 15.90/box. I would say that it is very sweet, some might not like it, but i'm fine with the sweetness & Chloe like it very much though! Those who loves sweet stuffs you will like it for sure. It is indeed melts in the mouth.

No 32-1, Jalan PJU 5/20d, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +6012 200 3441 (only available during working hour)
Mon: 12pm - 10pm
Tues: close
Wed to Sun: 12pm - 10pm