Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tanjung Sepat One Day Trip

Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia. This little fishing town is located near Banting & Sepang.

Since we planned to stay one night in Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang, we then decided pay a visit to Tanjung Sepat. Yes, this is our very first trip to this small town although it's near by to where we staying.

Let's see Where to go & What to see in this one day trip.

First, we heading to Restaurant Bukit Jugra (丐帮名菜叫化餐厅) for the famous Beggar's Chicken. So, again, our best pal Mr.G guided us to the restaurant without any hassle. I would suggest you to take your GPS with you in order to get to the restaurant.

After lunch, we heading to Hai Yew Heng. They are famous for their homemade bao (steamed chinese buns). It is located not far from the hotel, took us about 20mins - 1/2 hr to reach there.

Since we are too full for this, we packed some back to the resort for tea. After that, we take a short nap at the resort and then headed to one of the famous attraction place in Tanjung Sepat - Lover's Bridge Tanjung Sepat. Hmm, nothing much to shout about this bridge though, it reminds me one of the bridge at Portuguese Settlement Malacca, which already removed long ago.

Here's some pictures for sharing:

lover's bridge

walking along the bridge

view after sunset

After the short walk, we then headed for dinner. Yeah, a seafood dinner that we couldn't miss out during Tanjung Sepat trip! There are few seafood restaurant there though, we had our dinner at Ocen Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant is located just next to the bridge. (more)

That's all for our trip. If you ask me is it a nice place to visit? Well, I would said it's nothing much for a tourist but definitely a good place for photography! But of course if you are planning to have a one day trip to Sepang Gold Coast, you can might as well pay a visit to Tanjung Sepat too.

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IvanKu said...

I agree with U,nothing to shout about,everything are "mamaday"