Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

Arrival of Baby Chloe

During the same period last year, I am still lying on the bed in hospital. We are so happy that we finally can hold our baby after my 9 months maternity. Chloe was just a small little baby at that moment. Times go by so quickly, she turns 1 yr old today. It was so glad to see our little baby's development stage by stage.

Since the actual date of Chloe's birthday falls on weekday, we celebrated 3 days earlier during the weekend on last Sunday . She was super excited during the party. Here are some of the photos to share with you. The pictures can tell how happy she is during the party!

1st bday
getting ready

1st bday
having some biscuit before our guests arrive

1st bday1st bday
gifts corner

1st bday
cake cutting

Chloe was so excited when all of us sang her a birthday song. As you can see from the photos with the different expression of her.

1st bday
Say Cheeseee!

As for the birthday cake, I spend almost 1/2 hr to choose as there are too many design there. Am thinking to get a Hello Kitty design at first, but the Hello Kitty looks weird from their album & I then picked this. Love this! Tasted ok though, not too sweet.

After the party, She slept like a baby again.......:D

Happy Birthday to Our Dearest Chloe & Happy New Year to All Of You!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Chloe turning 1 soon!

11 mth plus

I still remember last year during these period, we were busy shopping for our newborn stuffs. Another 2 mths passed since i last blogged about Chloe. Time passed so fast, our little one is turning 1 soon.

Let's see what she can do till-to-date:

  • Can imitate word
  • Can say daddy, kakak, jie jie, gor gor, bye, yay & etc ( still cannot call mummy :( )
  • Can waves hello & bye bye
  • Can respond to simple question like we asked her something & she will pointed at them
  • Passed something she holded to us when we ask for
  • Dance

Our first birthday celebration with Chloe:

My Birthday

Steven's Birthday

We are so looking forward her 1st birthday celebration on this coming Sunday, which we are celebrating 3 days ealier than her actual date of birth. Preparation are all done, and now, it is the time to countdown to the party! yay.....


Merry Christmas To All Of You!