Monday, March 15, 2010

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is the largest & famous night market in Taipei. From here, you can try out the variety of foods such as the famous fried chicken steak, stinky tofu, fried buns, bubble tea, deep fried chicken fillet & etc.

It's just too many foods to try here, let's see what we have tried out there:

yum yum!!!

Famous Deep Fried Chicken Fillet. A crispy fried chicken that you couldn't miss out here. The chicken meat was soft & tender, tasted great! Must Try!

Skinky Tofu

Another famous snack is Stinky Tofu, a strong odor you wouldn't miss when you are there. We did bought some for a try. Oh my god, we couldn't stand it at all! It was like eating rotten food. I think it is worse than a rotten food. Haha... I wonder why people love to eat Stinky Tofu so much. Our tour guide told us there is 17 level of Stinky Tofu in Taiwan, and normally those selling in Shilin is only level 1 or 2 stinky to cater for tourist... can you imagine what its like for those level above 10 of stinky???

Other snacks you can try out such as:

giant sausage

fried buns

mini burger

fluffy egg cake 鸡蛋糕

There are still a lots more food to try though, I would suggest you to go there with empty stomach, else you gonna miss out quite a lot of good food just like us.

Besides foods, there are some shops selling clothing, shoes & bags as well, you can get a good bargain from there too!

Ay-Chung flour rice noodle @ Ximenting

crowd of people quieng for Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle

Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle is one of the famous food you must try. It is located in the well known local & tourist spot, Ximending. Even when its raining, but the peoples still queing for it.

stand & eat

There is no tables & chairs here, just order your food & enjoy your noodle!

big bowl @ NT 55, small bowl @ NT 40

flour rice noodle served in oyster gravy

I don't really like oyster, but this is alright for me. The oyster gravy was delicious though. Add some chili sauce to make the taste even better.

enjoying my food...

The picture can tell how yummy it was! Slurrrrpppppp!!!

Ximending Headquarter
: No.8-1, Emei St., Wanhua District, Taipei City
Shilin Branch: 1F., No.24, Lane 101, Wenlin Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City
Xinyi District Branch: No.2, Lane 17, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City
Tel: 02-2388-8808.2388-8182

Hello Kitty Sweet's Cafe

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe is a themed cafe located in Da'An Road, Taipei. We went there for dinner on the first day we arrived Taipei.

the interior of the cafe

Once you enter the cafe, you will see Hello Kitty everywhere, even the waitress are all dressed up in pink color with some Hello Kitty stuffs to matched with the theme.

some of the cakes in Hello Kitty design

What we ordered?

We had their set meal @ NT400 , which is comes with:

  • 01 Main Course
  • 01 Soup
  • 01 Dessert
  • 01 Drink

It's a bit pricey though, but the foods was good. We didn't expect this kinda themed cafe served great foods. In fact, all of us do have a satisfactory dinner there.

Here are some photos of the foods we ordered:

Main Course


the presentation of the food


Cafe Latte with Hello Kitty face on it

goods for sale

So, for Hello Kitty Fans, this is a place you shouldn't miss out when you happened to visit Taipei. Those who are not a fan of Hello Kitty, I would recommend you to pay a visit to this cafe, at least you can experience having your meal in such a nice environment.

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

台北市大安路一段90號 90 Da'An Road (Get off from Zhong Xiao FuXing(忠孝復興)MRT, No 3 exit)

Taiwan So Much Fun!!!

We used to watch Taiwan channels where they introduce lots of yummy foods in Taiwan, I wanted to go there for quite some time, since Air Asia do offer cheap fares to Taipei & my bro, cousins are interested to go as well, we just Booked & Go! 11 of us including 2 kids.

When we talk about Taiwan, food is the first thing that come to mind. In fact, there are variety of foods to taste though, you just can't stop eating as most of the foods looks so special.

WuFenPu – Garment Wholesale (五分埔)

As for shopping, the first shopping haven we used to know is Hong Kong. We are very impressed with the shopping in Taiwan though. If you looking for local brand clothing, you may visit WuFenPu – Garment Wholesale (五分埔). You can get a good bargain there.

Where we stay in Taipei?

We stayed in KDM Hotel which is recommended by our travel agent from Taiwan. A very good location as the hotel is located just next to the 'Zhongxiao Xinsheng' MRT Station. The Rooms were small & a bit old but it is clean. Room rate around RM 220 nett per room per night, a resonable price at this convenient location.

Where we eat?

Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe

The first day we arrived, we went to Hello Kitty Sweet's Cafe for dinner. This is a must visit cafe I couldn't miss out. I guess everyone of us enjoyed the dinner eventhough some are not a Hello Kitty fans.


As you all know, Taiwan is famous on snack foods where you can easily find in their night market, this is why peoples travel there so often just because of craving for foods. In fact, The most famous & well known night market is Shilin Night Market. An excellent place for snack craving. Besides that, Ximenting is also famous on their Ay-Chung flour rice noodle. For those who visit Ximenting, do take note of one of the fruit stall, do not buy fruits from there, it was the most expensive fruits we ever had, it cost us almost RM 100 for just the normal fruits. We got a shocked of the price when we pay. We then checked with our tour guide, and according to him, this is the only fruit stall in Ximenting just to earn money from tourist.

Where we go?

We booked a 3 days 2 nights tour to Hualien & Yilan from Giant Travel. Well, in Taipei, we visited the famous 101 Shopping Mall, Eslite Bookstore 城品书店 (open 24hrs), WuFenPu – Garment Wholesale (五分埔), Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall (民主纪念馆), Danshui (淡水) & JiuFen (九份(known as the “little Shanghai”). As Taiwan Night Market is one of the attractions places to visit, we picked these few for this trip. XiMenDing (西门町)& Shilin Night Market (士林夜市).

Some photos of Taipei for sharing:

Taipei Night View from 101

Lover's Bridge @ Danshui (淡水)

Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall (民主纪念馆)

Hello Kitty Lover

Some of you might know there is a Hello Kitty themed maternity Hospital opened in Taiwan.

Well, there is also a Hello Kitty Lounge at the Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3. Here are some photos taken for sharing.

You can pay a visit to this lovely terminal if you are in Taoyuan Airport.

Overall for this trip

We love Taiwan! The peoples there are nice & friendly. We love the peoples, love the foods & also SHOPPING!!! Will we visit Taiwan again? Yes, we probably will visit there again, next places to visit maybe Kaohsiung (高雄), the second largest city of Taiwan, Taichung or Tainan.

KDM Hotel

No.8, Sec. 3, Jhongsiao E. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : (+886) 27211162
Fax: (+886) 27119096

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our 14 mth old Chloe

Wow, time flies........the last time i blogged about Chloe's is 2 mths ago, and now it is already March, our little one turned 14 mth plus! She is learning more things everyday.

Here are some update about Chloe:

She can speak more words now, but still she won't call mummy, I wonder why!

She is able to walk now...

She loves playing with water.

We started to train her to eat food on her own when we are eating out. But poor thing, she keep throwing her food everywhere....
I'll posted some video about Chloe in my next blog....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Love Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty FUJIFILM Instax Mini 25

FUJIFILM Instax Mini camera seems to be very popular in the market now. After playing with my sis one, I found this Hello Kitty FUJIFILM Instax Mini 25 when i googled, it was so cute, as one of Hello Kitty fans, of course i got one for myself! Hehe...

• Self-shoot mirror
• Close-up lens for focusing from 35cm
• Intelligent flash
• Motorized 3 position, collapsible lens
• 2 shutter design for landscape & portrait pics
• Uses Instax Mini film – creditcard size

Price @ RM 550 included of 2 boxes character film

Those who are interested can go to this website for more info.

Hello Kitty x Che Che

Hello Kitty x Che Che was launched on 5th March, last friday @ Che Che Mid Valley.
The Hello Kitty collection include bags, coin pouches, mobile strap & etc. I've got one of its coin purse. Just love it!