Sunday, April 27, 2008

nice heel....

I bought this heel from "MOXX" when me & my colleague are searching the "tong shui" in Sungei Wang & it so happened we passed by this boutique.....the bags hanging there was attract me & therefore we went in & look around.....those bags do have same design for you to match with the heel, they have few designs for you to choose, you can have one set for the same design, bag & heel, for heel, each size only comes in one pair, so i just grabbed it without think so much...just love the design, it is so unique.....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello Kitty Sponge Cake

[Hello Kitty Cakes]

Steven bought this hello kitty cakes from Polar Puff & Cakes Shop
in Mid Valley on thursday
......well, top layer of the cake taste funny & the cake taste so was a sponge cake, it just taste like those sponge cake that i usually ate during my primary school time...

In conclusion, this is just a normal sponge cake!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diamond Privilege

I got to know this Diamond Privileges from my cousin, she just joined the member a weeks ago, package they offered is very attractive!!!! Therefore, i decided to join as a member too...package rate @ RM 599 with a supplementary privilege card for free during this special promotion period!!!

Diamond Privilege Package included the following:

Diamond Privileges Card (Present your Diamond Privileges Card at any of our spa, beauty and wellness partners and enjoy discounts of up to 50% and preferential rates as many times as you wish. )
  • Spa Complimentary Certificates

  • Spa Cash Vouchers

  • Yoga Complimentary Certificates
  • Travel Voucher
  • Wellness Seminar Tickets & Fitness Assessment's about time to make appointment for spa ....time to relax & enjoy.....

[Membership Cards & vouchers]

Log on to the link below link for more information about Diamond Privilege:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Haha....It is time to show you guys all the stuffs that Steven bought for me & himself from Japan!!!! here you go ..................



[snacks with fabulous packing]

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i need ANTIBIOTIC!!!

Steven was flying off to Japan on thursday .........he will be back tonight...hurray!!!!! In fact, it is just a 4d/3n short trip, for attending Panasonic Exhibition in Tokyo.... so nice!!!!! when steven was not around, i used to asked one of my friend (Vanessa) to accompany me, same as this time..........poor thing, she was forgotten about her promises, but she still come and accompany me at the end & of course she did requested for some help from me also.....but Van, i dun guarantee you will get your stuff when steven is back ya.....ok??? We both going back to malacca on friday & come back again to kl on sat with my mum............EXHAUTED!!! anyway, im here to thanks for her accompanies !!!!!! coughing, sore throat, shoulder ache.......went and see doc again yersterday, cost mr RM 65 just for 3 meds.........doc advised me to rest more and dun go anywhere, just stay and home (which is impossible), and also drink plenty of water (i had drink lots lots)!!!

Am staying overnight at grandma house now, wanna go for breakfast already......catch up later.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

am sick......

I am sick again.....felt like having fever on sun midnight, and then i tried to measure my temperature early in the morning on mon, oh god, i have high fever @ 39.6.....can't believe it, i suppose to go and see doctor emmediately, but then i felt dizzy, i got terrible headache & very bad sore throat as well, damn............hence, i sms steven & told him that i felt dizzy & cannot drive to clinic @ this moment, so he came back & take me to clinic after he finished his meeting...when i reached the clinic, doc tried to measure my temperature, it drops to 38.6 but she said is still consider very high, so she have to give me an injection.....gosh........i hate injection....she look at my face, smiling @ me and said "gal, your fever is too high, you must have injection....ok....lie down now...." she gave me some medi, and gave me 2days mc & asked me to rest more.....

am getting better after taken the medi, am trying to cook some rice using microwave this morning in order for me to take my medi after meal, and after a while, i smell something burning.....oopssss...............................the rice was over cooked, turn out to be like that (see the photo below)....basically, i just take one small bowl of soup and after that take my medi and then go for a nap again....

[like what? i dun know!!!!]

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sat & Sun

[ham cha "in hakka"]

[just delicious]

Steven was on duty @ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre on Sat & Sun (start from 4pm-10pm), we went to Seremban for praying his mum (Qing Ming Festival) on sat, the traffic was pretty smooth , no more traffic hassle compare to last year, so we managed to get back to kl around 12pm++ and then straight heading to kepong for "ham cha" (one of the hakka healthy food)......After that, i went to Cat Whisker with my friend LuShia & then to Ikea for buying some stuffs....

[6.30am in the morning]

[Driving Track - Ulu Yam]

[Genting - Coach Parking Area]

[ IA Club T-Shirt]

[ Just B/W]

Steven & I woke up early in the morning today (ard 5.45pm), we joined his ItaliaAuto Club members for their "IA Grand PhotoShoot '08" @ genting, haha, we did joined some of the member for TT session for twice, apparently, this is our first run outing with the members...all of them are quite friendly.....getting exhauted after the ride , we reached home about 1pm & slept till 3pm...After that, i went to Sunway Pyramid and meet up my brother and Michelle and Mic brought her nephew along...cute cute....We then had dinner with Steven...after dinner, we went to panasonic exhibition centre to take a look, and then we went back home.....
It is time to bed now, very sleepy & tired.....feel like going to sick...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh My God!

I forgot to bring my IC & driving license to work yersterday, and today even worse, i forgot to bring my wallet.....hahahaha.......ya, im driving to work without my IC, driving license & money.......worse thing is i only discovered this after lunch hour when i wanna pay my colleague......:p

[ma lat for gor]

Since boss is out to phuket for meeting, me and my colleagues suggested to drive out for lunch today, we had 麻辣火锅 @ Jln Chang Kak Tambi Dollah, Off Jln name: Wen's Chinatown Restaurant......i haven try any before, so i dun really know how's the soup suppose to be taste like, but im sure it should be very spicy one......:D this one that we had is consider very spicy to me already, taste not bad....but i got stomachache @ night....hahaha..... :p