Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 mth old!!!

Chloe started taking her solid food 3 weeks ago, she doesn't seems to like her first cereal taste & refused to eat, but after a while, she starts to enjoyed it!!!


We bought her a baby walker from Chicco. Attatched with a colorful electronic play tray with music and lights. The play tray can be remove & fix onto stroller as well. She can sit & play with the play tray quietly but not for long.

Daddy busy fixing Chloe's walker

Done! Chloe in her new walker

What Chloe can do till-to-date:

  • she babbles, "ba-ba-ba-ba"
  • she screams just to get attention or when she wants us to carry her
  • she laughts & giggles a lot
  • she can sit unsupported just a short while
  • she starts crawling
  • she can grasp objects & put into her mouth

sitting unsupported & play with her "kick & play piano"

I am a happy baby

*Happy Screaming*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Delicious @ Marc Residence

Our food review this time was Delicious @ Marc Residence. It is our pleasure to meet Ms Abby, the Head Of Research & Development. Abby spent about 2hrs with Rozita & I, went thru all The Delicious Group's Cafe. Besides that, she also shared with us The Delicious Story, the passion to start up the business. A very interesting story!

cozy ambience

Our Drinks

Abby recommended their popular drink, Watermelon & Lychee Blast and Frosty Lemongrass & Lychee for us to try. A cool & refreshing drink before we start our foods. Both drink @ RM 9.90 each.

These are the dishes we had in Delicious @ Marc Residence:

Grilled Chicken Cos Lettuce Salad @ RM 23.90

The portion is huge, served with Avocado, Cranberries, Turkey Bacon in Ranch Dressing.

Duck Confit Spaghettini @ RM 24.90

Served with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Coriander.

Yakitori Chicken Skewers @ RM 12.90

It tasted good, the chicken was well marinated with the yakitori sauce & the chicken meat was soft & tender. Yummy!!!

Marsala Lamb Shank @ RM 21.90

Honestly, I don't really take lamb, but since they strongly recommended this dishes to us, of course I don't mind to give it a try. Erm, it tasted quite ok to me though.

Shepherds Pie @ RM 19.90

Served with a side of Garden Greens. It tasted good!!!

As for desserts, we had Chocolate Brownie , Carrot Cake & Tiramisu.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese topping @ RM 9.90

Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream @ RM 11.90

Tiramisu in a Glass @ RM 12.90

All the desserts are good, expecially the Chocolate Brownie, this is one of my favourite dessert.

Delicious @ Marc Residence
A-6-01 Ground Floor,
No. 3 Jalan PinangKuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2166 9099

*ill post my Tea @ Delicious Dua Annexe soon

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bangkok 3Days 2Nights

Busy Street

It has been a while since we came back from Bangkok. Am a bit lazy to write about this, but since I wanna share something interesting on this trip with you guys here, and so, I'll spend some time and write a short one now...haha!!!

I still remember the first time we been to Bangkok, it was last year....So, this is my 2nd trip to Bangkok and this time its a more relax one, just for pray, eat, drink, massage & shopping.........It was cool!!!

Centre Point Wireless Road Hotel & Residence

Where we stay?

We stayed in Centre Point Wireless Road Hotel & Residence. The hotel is located just nearby to Erawan Shrine, Central World, Erawan & Gayson Shopping Malls. You can have easy access to Ploenchit Skytrain station or you can easily get a taxi from the hotel lobby.

Where we eat?

T & K Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown

This is our second visit there. It is one of the seafood restaurant that you shouldn't miss during your trip to Bangkok.

What we have ordered?

Street Food

Noodles Soup

One of the most famous street food in Bangkok. You can choose one the type of noodles you prefer, like glass noodle, rice river noodle, rice vermicelli & etc. A bowl of noodle added with some dried ground chili. It is simple yet delicious!!!

Siam Paragon Food Hall

This is one of our favourite eating place. Thier food court is huge & there are a wide selection of foods there.

What we have ordered?

Tea @ Siam Paragon Food Hall

Coffee World, Siam Paragon

Where we go?

Wat Arun

Besides shopping, we visited Wat Arun. We took a taxi to Shangri-La Hotel Pier and we bought the boat tickets from there. Do bargain for the ticket price first before you purchase. We paid approximately 1400 baht for one private boat to get to the temple.

At night?

Skybar @ Lebua at State Tower. Its one of the bar we wanted to go during our first trip but due to lack of time & so tired after visiting for so many places, we the decided not to go. But this time we finally visited the bar, which is located on the 63rd floor of the State Tower. It is one of the world's highest outdoor bars. Foods & drinks is pricey though but the view is amazing & the atmosphere is just awesome!!!

Visit Bangkok again? I would say yes, i just love bangkok!!!!