Sunday, April 18, 2010

My New Toy!

After tried out Panasonic LX3, I decided to replace this for my daily use camera. Eventhough its not the latest model, but it is very good enough for me. Hehe...

Click here to for LX3 specifications.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Famous Snack from Tokyo

the packaging

inside the packaging

Steven bought this "Tokyo Banana" from his trip to Japan this time. According to him, Tokyo Banana is one of the famous snack in Tokyo. It is something like sponge cake filled with banana cream. Tasted yummy! Those who like banana will definately enjoy this.

If you happened to visit Tokyo, remember to grab some too!

Stuffs from OPI

Soft Shades Pink Spring Collection @ RM 78

OPI Spring collection - Four New Porcelain Pink Shades is avilable for sale now. These 4 pink colors are too sweet though! I bought this collection, it comes with four 3.75ml soft shades nail polish. Love them!

Corrector Pen @ RM 58

Besides that, i also grab one "Corrector Pen". A very useful pen to clean nail polish off cuticles! At least i don't have to use cotton or cotton bud to correct it, easier for me now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cans That Get Hot, Anywhere, Anytime

Hot-Can Cafe Latte @ RM 9.90

Have you try "Hot Can" before? It is self-heating can that combines its own patented design and technology with state of the art manufacturing. I bought this from Mercato @ Plaza Damas, just to try out how it works!

3 simple steps here:

1) Press base
2) Shake 20 seconds (to activate the can)
3) Open in 3 minutes & enjoy your drink.

Does it really work???

Yes, it does. The can turned hot after activation. Go try it out! Those who don't like coffee, you may try the other flavour such as hot chocolate.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Chloe webcaming with 小姨 & 舅母 She get so excited when talking to them thru web cam.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mr Tom Yam @ Giza Sunway

Mr Tom Yam is a newly opened restaurant @ Giza Sunway, Kota Damansara. The restaurant served authentic thai food. The emphasis of this restaurant is on its menu inspired by a traditional Thai Chef bringing you authenticity from the Heart of Thailand.

Here you go for what we ordered:

Mr Tom Yam Special Fire Pot @ RM 19.90 (2 pax)

Mr Tom Yam Special Fire Pot, a spicy tom yam soup served with seafood. The soup was pretty good, rich & spicy & the seafood are fresh!

Signature Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken @ RM 13

I had Pineapple Fried Rice, it tasted good!

dine in set meal @ RM 18.90++

Steven ordered their set meal comes with 01 Main Course, 01 Spicy Tom Yam Chicken Soup (Clear) & 01 Ice Lemon Tea. We didn't notice that the set meal is comes with tom yam soup, therefore, we had 02 tom yam soups to try then, tom yam clear soup is much more spicy compare with the fire pot one, it was nice but we just couldn't finish it just because it was too spicy...As for main course, he ordered Phad Thai Noodle & he said it was ok.

Overall, the food we ordered was good. You can try it if you happen to visit this area.

Giza Sunway, Kota Damansara
: +603 2272 3708

Friday, April 2, 2010


Where we stay?

Shangrila Leisure Resort Farm

Shangrila Leisure Resort Farm is a resort surrounded by hills and mountains. It is located in Yilan, Eastern Taiwan. The resort is about two hundred and fifty meters in altitude and within a temperate weather condition in four seasons. A peaceful & relaxing environment with fresh air. There are some night activities organized by the resort, you will have a chance to enjoy some farm stay activites, there are fun though!

view from our room

Night Activities:

playing tops

make a wish

release our flying lantern

Besides that, there are some other activities such as making Tang Yuan (glutinous rice balls) & etc. All activities are based on the resort's schedule.

Where we go?

National Center for Traditional Arts (传艺中心)

Replicas of historical buildings with black roof tiles, brown wooden railings and red bricks are the basic theme of the center.

National Center for Traditional Arts is one of the popular attraction in Yilan. It is a multi-functional park that helps promote traditional folk craftsmanship, arts, music, drama, and dance. Other than experiencing traditional arts and facilities, the center also serves varieties of local snacks and dishes.

all handmade

White Rice Clogs Village

the making

There are plenty of clogs design from White Rice Clogs Village. However, you may also design your own style however you like it.


JiuFen (known as the "little Shanghai" is a small town located in north Taiwan. It tooks about 1 hr plus drive from Taipei City to JiuFen. Besides food stores, tea house & souvenir shops, there are several small guest houses (B&B) as well. You can spend a night there if you want!

The Street

Here are some of the snacks we would recommend:

Grandma Lai's Yuyuan (賴阿婆芋圓)

Famous Taro Balls

Peanut Roll with Ice Cream

Ah Lan Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake

Besides that, you may also try the Pineapple Tarts, which is one of the famous snack here!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hualien is located on the mountainous eastern coast of Taiwan. For those who looking for nice scenery with fresh air, this is the place I would recommend.


Taroko Gorge (太鲁阁)

The Park

Taroko Gorge is one of the famous attraction place to visit. During our way to the gorge, we can see certain areas of the road collapsed & it is still under maintenance. The road is quite narrow though. Although it is a bit scary, but trust me, it worth a visit, the scenery there was just awesome!

Here are some pictures taken from The park

Swallow Grotto Trail (Read More)

Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail (Read More)

This helmet is a must in this area as the stone will drop anytime. We talking about the small one, not the big one. Haha

Can you spot a fish swimming up stream?

Ci Sing Tan Bay(七星潭)

What we eat?

Native Set Lunch

  • Appetizing Millet Wine
  • Wild Vegetable Salad
  • Bitter Melon Soup with Chop
  • Purple Potato Salad
  • Wild Vegetable with Garlic
  • Skinned Green Chili Pepper with Soy Sauce
  • Baked Champignon with Herb
  • Scallop and Shrimp Salad with Papaya
  • Deep-Fried Fish Steak
  • Bamboo Tube with Glutinous Rice
  • Dessert or Fruit
  • Plum Juice / Coffee / Tea

millet wine



曾记麻吉 (Zeng Ji Mochi) - The famous Mochi shop in Hualien. The first Zeng Ji was opened in year 1994 and today, there are almost 10 outlets in Hualien. There is a wide range of flavors offered exclusively at Zeng Ji such as green tea, red bean, black bean, sesame, fruits & etc. All are soft & chewy.

Original taste - Peanut Mochi

Freshly made mochi for sale

Pre-pack mochi for sale

You can pay a visit to Zeng Ji Mochi if you happen to visit Hualien. This outlet we went is located near to Hualien night market. Click here for more info about Zeng Ji Mochi. (only chinese version)

曾记麻吉 (Zeng Ji Mochi)
Tel :
(+886)3836 1314
Fax: (+886)3832 0911