Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hualien is located on the mountainous eastern coast of Taiwan. For those who looking for nice scenery with fresh air, this is the place I would recommend.


Taroko Gorge (太鲁阁)

The Park

Taroko Gorge is one of the famous attraction place to visit. During our way to the gorge, we can see certain areas of the road collapsed & it is still under maintenance. The road is quite narrow though. Although it is a bit scary, but trust me, it worth a visit, the scenery there was just awesome!

Here are some pictures taken from The park

Swallow Grotto Trail (Read More)

Tunnel of Nine Turns Trail (Read More)

This helmet is a must in this area as the stone will drop anytime. We talking about the small one, not the big one. Haha

Can you spot a fish swimming up stream?

Ci Sing Tan Bay(七星潭)

What we eat?

Native Set Lunch

  • Appetizing Millet Wine
  • Wild Vegetable Salad
  • Bitter Melon Soup with Chop
  • Purple Potato Salad
  • Wild Vegetable with Garlic
  • Skinned Green Chili Pepper with Soy Sauce
  • Baked Champignon with Herb
  • Scallop and Shrimp Salad with Papaya
  • Deep-Fried Fish Steak
  • Bamboo Tube with Glutinous Rice
  • Dessert or Fruit
  • Plum Juice / Coffee / Tea

millet wine



曾记麻吉 (Zeng Ji Mochi) - The famous Mochi shop in Hualien. The first Zeng Ji was opened in year 1994 and today, there are almost 10 outlets in Hualien. There is a wide range of flavors offered exclusively at Zeng Ji such as green tea, red bean, black bean, sesame, fruits & etc. All are soft & chewy.

Original taste - Peanut Mochi

Freshly made mochi for sale

Pre-pack mochi for sale

You can pay a visit to Zeng Ji Mochi if you happen to visit Hualien. This outlet we went is located near to Hualien night market. Click here for more info about Zeng Ji Mochi. (only chinese version)

曾记麻吉 (Zeng Ji Mochi)
Tel :
(+886)3836 1314
Fax: (+886)3832 0911

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