Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our little princess turns 2!


It's been a while since I posted about Chloe, hmm, here are some update for our little gal, Chloe!


We brought her for a long vacation to Europe in Jul-Aug '10. Spending about 3 weeks travelling around together with my family. The main itinerary for this trip is to attend my sister's convocation @ Newcastle. Chloe behaved very well during the whole trip & i guess she had so much fun throughout the trip! It is a bit tiring to travel with an 18 mth old baby for such a long period, luckily we have our family members along, at least everyone take turns to carry her and taking care of Chloe! So it's an amazing and unforgetful trip for all of us.


Everytime I look back at pictures of Chloe's development, I can see her growing up so fast, she learned lotsa things now. She can recognize alphabets from A-Z, number from 1-10 and she loves singing. She can sing but not every single words of a song, it is amusing to watch her sing. She is able to feed herself now and sometime even refuse to let us feed her.


We are so happy that Chloe is finally stay in KL with us permanently. But there is always pros & cons. The pros is we can look after her everyday. Well the cons is we have to send her to nursery + daycare during weekdays when we go to work. Poor Chloe got to stay so long hour at her nursery. According to her principal, Chloe is getting along much more better now. Hope she can settle in very soon & then tell me she likes to go to school. Hehe


And now, how we celebrated her 2nd birthday? We ordered catering at home on Christmas day this time. Only family & relatives invited. Poor thing, Chloe had a fever before and during the party, but she can still smile for the camera when we ask her to take picture. Since Chloe likes Barney so much, we have a theme color for the party, which is purple, green & yellow . Not really compulsory to wear these colors though, it's just for fun! Of course, special thanks to those people who participate in this theme colors. Too bad the gifts are just for the kids. Haha

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to our little Chloe & may she stays healty & cutie always & also Happy New Year 2011 to everyone! Cheers & Lots of Love