Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Legend International Water Homes Port Dickson

The Legend PD 00

The Legend International Water Homes is a resort situated just 75 minutes drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur. We bought the voucher during Matta Fair, promo rate @ RM 430 nett per villa per night inclusive of breakfast for 2. (Normal price @ RM 600++)

The Legend PD 01
The Villas

The Legend PD02
Our Villa

This is our room - Garden Pool Villa, comes with 2 king size beds, well, the room is in fact very spacious. Can easily accommodate for 4 adults & 2 kids!

The Legend PD 03
here's the private pool

The Legend PD 04

All the villas are equipped with its own private pool, you can book either Villa with garden view or Villa above the sea. Some of the villas even attached with a glass panel for underneath sea viewing! Chloe get so excited with the pool fun.

What We Do?

The Legend PD 05
Children Playground

The Legend PD 06

Besides spending time in the private pool, we took Chloe to the playground. She had fun at the playground as well. There are some other facilities such as gym, KMX ride rental, bicycle rental, archery range & etc...

Here are some of the resort photos to share:

The Legend PD 07
the swimming pool

The Legend PD 08
villas above the sea

The Legend PD 09

The Legend PD 10

What We Eat?

The Legend PD 11
Gen Japanese Restaurant

We had our dinner at Gen Japanese Restaurant

Here's what we ordered:

The Legend PD 12
Nigiri Sushi To Tempura

The Legend PD 13
Teppanyaki Kaizen

Gen Japanese Restaurant serves fresh & wonderful japanese food. If you are too lazy to travel out for food during your stay at the resort, this is the restaurant you might consider.

Overall, our stay in The Legend International Water Homes Port Dickson was good. It's suitable for family trip I would say. There's nothing much to do in Port Dickson though, but it's alright to spend the night at the resort with your family.


Batu 2, Jalan Seremban,71000 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 653 2000

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids Fashion Show


Two weeks ago, Chloe has been chosen by her nursery to participate on a Kid's Fashion Show organised by Philips Avent Malaysia. When her principal informed me about this, i'm like errr, can she, a 2 year old toddler? I then asked the principal again & she said yes, of course she can!


They have one session of rehearsal one day before the performance. Well, Chloe did well during the 2 days performance, she always remember "posing"! She is not affraid at all when she was on the stage, this is really out of our expectation.

Here are some photos taken by Chloe's teacher. :D

before the show

lunch time

Many thanks to Chloe's teacher for all the photos taken for Chloe.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

House & Co Cafe

House & Co 00
the entrance

House & Co 01

House & Co Cafe is a home living & lifestyle store cum cafe located in Bangsar Shopping Center. The first you stepped into House & Co, you probably wouldn't notice there is a cafe in there until you walk further in to the shop.

House & Co 02
the cafe

Here's the cafe area. A Casual dining in a comfortable environment.

What we have tried here:

House & Co 03

Nasi Lemak, long elegant grains of basmati rice cooked in fresh coconut milk with the choice of beef rendang, chicken rendang or sotong in spicy peanut sauce, hard boiled egg, crispy ikan bilis, kangkong, cucumber, kacang & the very inevitable sambal. LOVE IT!

House & Co 04

I had Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang & Vanessa have Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang. Both @ RM 24. Pricey? I think it's consider reasonable for the big portion & also location.

Lot S15, 2nd Flr, East Wing, The Bangsar
Shopping Centre, Jln Maarof, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CBTL Kaldi Coffee Machine

the packaging

CBTL Kaldi

the capsules

CBTL, One touch. One perfect cup! Hurray, we have gotten ourself a new coffee machine since our previous one is already 5 years old. CBTL Kaldi is a single serve beverage system that combines the handcrafted taste and quality that is the hallmark of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with the finest Italian technology and design perfected by CAFFITALY SYSTEM. It's so simple to use compare to my previous one, just place a capsule into the machine, select a cup size and press a button & your beverage are ready to be serve. Besides making espresso, brewed coffee, you can also brewed tea by using this machine.

milk frother

You may opts for CBTL Milk Frother, if you loves cappuccino as much as I do. The milk frother produces just the right amount of heated or frothed milk to re-create your cappuccino. Definately always a perfect cup of coffee at home. Besides that, you can also makes latte, cafe mocha & macchiato too!

capsule holder

a perfect cup of coffee at home

Check Out Here
More about CBTL

Sai Kung Chung Kee Che Chai Noodle

long queue when we were there

Sai Kung Chung Kee Che Chai Noodle is one of the famous che chai noodles in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. When it comes to Sai Kung, you will probably think of seafoods, besides that, the che chai noodle is also one of the famous food in Sai Kung and you must try if you happen to visit there.

We were there for lunch, the restaurant was full & we got to seat outside.


How to order?

Step 1: Choose your favor noodle.

flat noodle (kuey teow), rice noodle (mee hoon), wonton mee (thin), rice vermicelli (round), hokkien noodle, wonton mee (flat), rice vermicelli, udon, silver pin noodle, egg noodle (thin), egg noodle (flat) & e-fu noodle (yi mein), demae ramen.

Step 2: Choose your favor toppings

And here's our bowl of Che Chai noodle:

Chung Kee's Jumbo Noodle in soup served with chicken wing, fish ball, pork skin, turnip, pork blood jelly, cuttlefish, BBQ sausage & vegetable. Of course I can't finish everything, so this jumbo portion is sharing with Lily. Steven had their normal size noodle, you can simply choose the side dishes you like from over 20 choices.

Thanks Connie & Ivan for the yummy lunch. :)

G/F, Ko Shing Building, 19-21 Fuk Man Road, Sai Kung.
Tel: 2792 9172