Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sai Kung Chung Kee Che Chai Noodle

long queue when we were there

Sai Kung Chung Kee Che Chai Noodle is one of the famous che chai noodles in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. When it comes to Sai Kung, you will probably think of seafoods, besides that, the che chai noodle is also one of the famous food in Sai Kung and you must try if you happen to visit there.

We were there for lunch, the restaurant was full & we got to seat outside.


How to order?

Step 1: Choose your favor noodle.

flat noodle (kuey teow), rice noodle (mee hoon), wonton mee (thin), rice vermicelli (round), hokkien noodle, wonton mee (flat), rice vermicelli, udon, silver pin noodle, egg noodle (thin), egg noodle (flat) & e-fu noodle (yi mein), demae ramen.

Step 2: Choose your favor toppings

And here's our bowl of Che Chai noodle:

Chung Kee's Jumbo Noodle in soup served with chicken wing, fish ball, pork skin, turnip, pork blood jelly, cuttlefish, BBQ sausage & vegetable. Of course I can't finish everything, so this jumbo portion is sharing with Lily. Steven had their normal size noodle, you can simply choose the side dishes you like from over 20 choices.

Thanks Connie & Ivan for the yummy lunch. :)

G/F, Ko Shing Building, 19-21 Fuk Man Road, Sai Kung.
Tel: 2792 9172

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