Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 mth old!!!

Chloe started taking her solid food 3 weeks ago, she doesn't seems to like her first cereal taste & refused to eat, but after a while, she starts to enjoyed it!!!


We bought her a baby walker from Chicco. Attatched with a colorful electronic play tray with music and lights. The play tray can be remove & fix onto stroller as well. She can sit & play with the play tray quietly but not for long.

Daddy busy fixing Chloe's walker

Done! Chloe in her new walker

What Chloe can do till-to-date:

  • she babbles, "ba-ba-ba-ba"
  • she screams just to get attention or when she wants us to carry her
  • she laughts & giggles a lot
  • she can sit unsupported just a short while
  • she starts crawling
  • she can grasp objects & put into her mouth

sitting unsupported & play with her "kick & play piano"

I am a happy baby

*Happy Screaming*

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