Friday, December 25, 2009

Chloe turning 1 soon!

11 mth plus

I still remember last year during these period, we were busy shopping for our newborn stuffs. Another 2 mths passed since i last blogged about Chloe. Time passed so fast, our little one is turning 1 soon.

Let's see what she can do till-to-date:

  • Can imitate word
  • Can say daddy, kakak, jie jie, gor gor, bye, yay & etc ( still cannot call mummy :( )
  • Can waves hello & bye bye
  • Can respond to simple question like we asked her something & she will pointed at them
  • Passed something she holded to us when we ask for
  • Dance

Our first birthday celebration with Chloe:

My Birthday

Steven's Birthday

We are so looking forward her 1st birthday celebration on this coming Sunday, which we are celebrating 3 days ealier than her actual date of birth. Preparation are all done, and now, it is the time to countdown to the party! yay.....


Merry Christmas To All Of You!

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