Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to Primary School!

[start work]

Yes, am back to primary school again....For What??? help out at my brother books exhibition. It is fun to joined them on the book exhibitions, some of the students are really cute when asking questions.

[all the story books for sale]

[students choosing their favourite story books]

Lunch...............the canteen, as you can see, the tables & chairs remain the same even after so many years.

[yellow mee soup]

What to eat? of course their mee soup......added with some chili sauce, it tasted just the same as what i had during my primary school time. Yummy!!! It used to cost 50-80sen a bowl ...and now, price already increase to RM 1.50.

[price list]

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Lushia said...

I miss canteen's mee soup!! With the chilli sauce!!