Sunday, March 29, 2009

Restaurant Makanan Laut Sin Hai Ping

Restaurant Makanan Laut Sin Hai Ping is located in Kuala Selangor, a small fishing town called Pasir Penampang after the bridge spanning the Selangor River. For those who are not familiar, it is just located opposite the shoplot of River View Seafood Restaurant. We went there for lunch last 2 weeks ago. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there...

What we ordered?????

[Seafood Porridge @ RM 27.00]

The restaurant signature dish - Seafood Porridge (fish,prawns & crabs). Taste-wise ok, but the portion seems a bit small for 8 persons as everyone of us can only have one piece of seafood each..

[Fried Oyster Omelette @ RM 13.00 ]

Fried Oyster Omelette with prawns, something special & it tastes good.

[Baby Shark Meat @ RM 16.00]

Have you ever try Baby Shark Meat before? We ordered this dish which is recommended by the chef. Erm, I don't know how to judge this dish, as for me the meat is just similar to fish.

[Vege @ RM 8.oo]

[Gong Bou Scallops, Clams & Bamboo Clams @ RM 18.00]

Well, this is a must try!!! It tasted pretty good. The seafoods are really fresh.

[Fried Mee Hoon with Crabs @ RM 30.00]

And the last dish, Fried Mee Hoon with Crabs. Yummy Yummy!!!

Restaurant Makanan Laut Sin Hai Ping
No.97, Pasir Penanbang,
45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603 3289 2365
+603 3289 2786

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