Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

[Fish Pond]

[Vege Farm]

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is located @ Hulu Langat. We got to know this restaurant from our cousin, he strongly recommended this place to us as the foods there are nice & affordable. The restaurant is located in a secluded area in Ampang. For those who plan to go there for dinner, I would suggest you to go early as the road there are winding, bumpy & there is no street light.
Fish & vege are all fresh from the farm. This are what we ordered.......

[Bayam @ RM 8.oo]

[Pakul Balacan @ RM 8.00]

[Tom Yam Seafood @ RM 18.00]

[various cooking style of fish @ RM 110]

Yes...we had 5 various cooking style of fish. This is the first time we had 5 dishes of fish in one meal.

And here are all the BBQ...........

[BBQ Prawns @ RM 15.oo]

[BBQ Squid @ RM 12.00]

[BBQ Lamb @ RM 10.00]

Everyone enjoyed the meal.....
Our bill : RM 227.00 for 8 persons.

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