Saturday, March 7, 2009

What I've Bought?

Before i go to this M.A.C Hello Kitty launching, I came across a blogger who mentioned that most of the products were sold out during the lauching @ Mid Valley & this happened to Lot 10 Isetan as well. I went there with my colleague, we did not see any customer when we arrived there, but when i was looking for the accessories stuffs, the promoter told me that the purse mirror was sold out, plush doll only left 1 & petite bag only left 2. Im like WHAT??? Seriously, costomers even called up to reserve the products before the launching.

Ok, lets see what i've grab from there....

1 soft black pleather 8" Hello Kitty plush doll @ RM 169.90
1 limited edition Hello Kitty lipglass @ RM 63
1 purse-style black plastic mirror compact @85 (it so happened a gal who reserved but decided not to buy at last and that's why i managed to get this mirror at the end)

Click Here to view all the collections.

*FYI, they do not carry all of the products in Malaysia market.


Precious Pea said...

Not cheap hor...luckily my Hello Kitty crazy days are all over...otherwise i will spend my entire savings here.

JessieLee said... are hello kitty fans also? :D i wished i can stop buying hello kitty stuffs but really cannot control myself...:p