Friday, October 3, 2008

Ah Yan Seafood Restaurant Batu Kawan 亚燕

Batu Kawan is a small town located at the south of the mainland of Penang.Ah Yan Seafood Restaurant is one of the favourite seafood restaurant which is located in Batu Kawan (nearby batu kawan state stadium). This is the restaurant we surely will stopped by to savour our seafoods before we travel to up north. They offering a variety of fresh seafood delicacies @ attractive prices...

Our recommended dishes:

  • Curry Flower Crabs 花蟹
  • Oyster
  • Kam Heong Lala (kam heong clam)
  • Steamed Tiger Fish (老虎鱼)
  • Mantis Prawn (lai liu har)


[Kam Heong Lala]

[Curry Flower Crab]

Curry Flower Crab is one of my favourite dish there. The curry paste is thick & it tasted great!!!

[Spicy & Sour Crab]

[Steamed Tiger Fish]

Steamed Tiger Fish tasted great as well, try this & you probably will like it!!!

[Fresh Oysters]

Their oyster is extremely fresh!!! Again, Steven & I hate the smell of oyster but this is still acceptable to both of us....

[Mantis Prawn]

As for Mantis Prawn, you might not be able to order sometimes as they always run out of stock, we only managed to order one during our last visit & this is the first time we managed to order that much...

Our bill in total: RM 395.40 for 9 dishes for 13 pax (included beverage, vege & mee)

Ah Yan Seafood Restaurant Batu Kawan 亚燕
595, Batu Kawan, Simpang Ampat,
14100, S.P.S., Pulau Penang.
Tel: +604 - 587 2616
+6019 413 3379

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