Saturday, October 4, 2008

Penang Road Asam Laksa & Chendol

Asam Laksa is one of the famous dish in penang. When we travel to penang, we definitely will stop by Joo Hooi Coffee Shop @ Lebuh Keng Kwee, Penang Road for the famous asam laksa, this is our favourite one... the fish-based soup is just nice!!! But is still depends on your personal taste-bud though as some of them might prefer the one in Pulau Tikus....

[Asam Laksa @ Penang Road]

[Famous Chendol @ Penang Road - RM 1.60 per bowl]

Penang Road famous teochew chendol is one of the dessert you shouldn't miss up too, you probably will see this stall when you reach Joo Hooi Coffee Shop as the stall is just located next to the coffee shop.

Location: Lebuh Keng Kwee, Penang Road.

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