Monday, October 27, 2008

First Shopping Session for Our Baby

What have we been busy during this weekend? We were busy shopping, mainly for our baby's stuffs. I've been walking for almost 6 hrs till my leg had water blister ..... Well, its still worth it coz we managed to grab some stuffs for our baby! We do not know whether it is enough or not, seems like still have lots of thing to buy though.

Apparently, this is our first time doing shopping for baby stuffs and we noticed that there are quite a wide range of choices for infant such essential items, car seat, baby cot, stroller & a lots more, lots of brand with different price range & of course some with very stylish design as well. Looking at some of the prices surprised us, how can it be so expensive, like say a few thousand bucks for just a stroller?

[these are what we have bought]

[my leg turn up to be like this after the 6hrs shopping spree]


peiyin said...

ha... u will use avent milk bottle... heard that it is good. is it expensive in malaysia? i guess US is the cheapest for Avent

Lushia said...

U har...terrible..really shop until drop...luckily not my bb leg honey leg pain :P

Precious Pea said...

Aiyoo..that must be sooo painful. Invest in a Croc, you can walk whole day and not feel pain at all.

JessieLee said...
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JessieLee said...

peiyin: yes...most of the mummy using this brand, according to my cousin, this brand is the best. Price range definitely expensive than others brand...:)

lushia: you huh, no good la, my leg pain tak apa hor.....:(

precious pea: was must be croc's fans huh....haha..:D