Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

We have been asking around about this Hot Air Ballooning ride prior to this trip and we decided to booked it! Yeah, I've always wanted to do this, and we finally did! We booked thru, Hot Air Balloon Ride & O'Reilly's Vineyard Champagne Breakfast at AUS $250 per person. So for two of us, it cost around RM 1600. Yes, price is a bit expensive though, but trust me, you would never regret for this wonderful experience! 

Here's the itinerary for the Hot Air Balloon Ride:

4:30am - comfortable coach transfers, door to door. ( All Surfers & Broadbeach plus other locations). We was told by the guide that balloon flight is depends on weather condition. If the wind is too strong then they might cancel the flight and the driver shared with us that the day before they got to cancel the flight due to the bad weather. I was stunned when i heard this, and pray hard that ours will be smooth, thank god, the weather was great!

5:45am - Hot Air Balloons launch spectacle. At this moment, you will be able to enjoy the amazing views.  

The views over the hinterland were just awesome!

and we managed to spot some kangaroos and they were watching us too. haha

the landing was very smooth, thumbs up for the pilot

7:45am - Fun & packup balloon games

8:00am - O'Reilly's Grand Homestead & Vineyard & Wine Tasting

8:45am - 10:30am - Champagne & full hot breakfast

Steven & I had a fabulous experience. Despite waking up early in the morning, but it's definately worth it! Strongly recommended activities in Gold Coast to start your day.

You may book your Gold Coast hot air balloon here :


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