Saturday, August 13, 2011

Melody Home's Bakery Bento

melody home's bakery 01

What to have for lunch? Where to go for lunch? Why not order a kawaii bento box lunches! Melody Home's Bakery is specialized in making fully handmade bento. There is a min order to send to places in PJ, Puchong, Balakong, Setapak, Kepong etc area. Bukit Bintang, Cheras & Ampang is free of charge!

Here's what we ordered:

melody home's bakery 03
customize hello kitty bento box @ RM 30
melody home's bakery 02
normal design bento box @ RM 8.80

Our menu of the day: Braised pork with toufu & egg + Crispy nori fish with sesame.

Taste wise? Hmm, it's ok but still got more room to improve!

How to order? Melody Home's Bakery Visit their facebook page for more details:

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