Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tang Shifu @ One Utama

Have you been to Tang Shifu before? This restaurant serve Nourishing Dishes, Refreshing Tonic Soups, Healthy Drinks & Nourishing Desserts. If you're looking for a nourishing meal @ One Utama Shopping Mall, Tan Shifu is the one I would recommend.

What we ordered?

Nourishing Soup with Ginseng Set @ RM 18.90 (regenerates "qi", recuperate immune system)

Ning Shen Nourishing Soup Set @ RM 13.90 (calms mind, regenerates, regulates heart rate)

Poached Vegetable with Wolfberry @ RM 10.90 (strenghten physique, healthy & tasty)

Black Sesame Bun @ RM 9.90 (strenghten physique, healthy & tasty)

Overall, the foods we ordered tasted good. We had a satisfying meal here.


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