Friday, February 25, 2011

Chloe's 1st bed

daddy fixing the bed

Since Chloe has grown up now, we decided to buy a bed for her. Steven & I saw this extendable bed from Ikea, we found it suitable for her & we bought it. For those who are looking for a bed for your toddler, this is one of the best choice I would say.

For the first week, Chloe will wake up during midnight & climb to our bed, she even fell down from her bed a few times when she's sleeping in her new bed (luckily we put one mattress on the floor just in case she fall) After two weeks, she's able to sleep on her own bed untill the next day!

I guess she's happy to sleep on her own bed now. Hehe

Chloe lying on her new bed happily

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