Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chloe turned 9 mth old!

Chloe turned 9 mths 2 weeks old. She is weighted @ 10.25kg now.

Its been 2 months since I last blog about Chloe...

Let see what she can do till-to-date:

  • Crawls around on bed & floor

  • She knows each of us and other familiar persons

  • Hold her bar cot or other stable structure to pull herself upright

  • Sit without support for long

  • Handles toys and things in both hands

  • Babbles and "talks" to attract attention

  • Push her body toward the place she wants you to carry her to

  • Clap hands

  • High five

Here is her 2 top front teeth & 2 bottom front teeth!

She just loves to sleep on our pillow :p

Soft & Colorful Alphabet Play Mats

We bought this play mats for Chloe last week but she accidently falls & knocked her forehead on the floor. Poor Chloe....

A short movie clip to share...

Clap clap hands...


Lily said...

Super鍾意,chloe帶粗hair Belt, 好in,好型ar!

JessieLee said...

哈哈...我想买类似咁的hair band比佢,但係搵唔到..

Brad said...

How adorableshe is clapping her hands :)