Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lily Visit Malaysia!

After I missed blogging for more than a month, it is time to update my blog.......

I've been busy in the passed 2 months, one of my best friend, Lily from Hong Kong was here for her holiday. She stayed here for a month and her visit to Malaysia this time is to meet up with her god daughther, Chloe...haha...... Am so happy to spend time with her for a month.......can't believe that our friendship has reached 20yrs.

Happy Smiling!

Before she came, I keep telling her that Chloe has starts to recognise faces, she might cry when she meet her, but, i was wrong! Chloe was so happy to meet her "kai ma", she keep smiling at Lily when Lily playing with her.....Chloe seems to know her very well. Haha!!!

Chloe got a red packet from "kai ma", happy happy!

Dolphin Show @ Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa Island

Since Lily loves dolphin so much, we planned a short trip to Singapore during her trip this time, we took her to Sentosa Island to meet the "pink dolphins". Steven & I have been there few yrs ago and we managed to have chance to take picture with pink dolphin during our trip last time....Unfortunately, our visit this time to Sentosa Island falls on Sunday, it is so packed till we got to stand up to watch the Dolphins Show, and due to the tickets we bought was a guided tour package, hence, we got no time to queue for photo session, it is very dissapointed! Click here for more on our Singapore trip.

we cheers almost everyday...hahaha

Eventhough she is here for one month, but still got some places that she wanted to go but i didn't bring her though!!! The reason is, i want her to will visit me again....Hahaha

bidding her farewell

Lily is back in HK for one month, time passed so fast, hope she can get a new job very soon.


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