Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Little One is Growing Up!!!

Ha......It is time to update about Chloe. Another month flew & Chloe is now 5 mths plus. She weights @ 8.8 kg during her injection yersterday, increase not much though but doc said it is enough!!!

She can roll over now and even turn 360 degree.

She start teething, this make her chew her mouth very often. A short movie clip on how she's chewing with her mouth closed. Looks funny!!!

Since most of her clothes doesn't seems to fit her anymore, we then bought her some new clothes. Besides that, we also bought her some bibs as she started blowing bubbles & also drool a lot, we got to get her bib changed like 3-4 times a day. Hence, we do need more and more bibs now.

Daddy bought from Japan...... too big for her though, i think she can only fit this when she is 1 yr old.

Cutie dresses from Xiao Yi, a bit small for her.....

Chloe's can't fit into her baby carrier after 5 mths, so we got her a new car seat.

She sat happily all the way from Malacca to KL without making noise. Look at her, enjoying her comfortable new seat.

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