Monday, May 11, 2009

4 mths old Chloe

Chloe turned 4 mths, 1 week & 4 days old today. Babies start to recognize faces when they are 4 mths old. I don't know whether this is true but this is what happened when i met Chloe last week. OMG!!! She doesn't seem to recognize me, it makes me felt so sad. She cried when i carried her, and even when i talked to her. After "wai gong"or "wai po" carried then only she kept quiet. From that moment, I started asking myself, what if she really cannot regonize her daddy & mummy..... How? How?? How??? Luckily the next day when I see her again, she smile to me as usual when i called her.

Let's see what she can do till to-date?


She is probably strong enough to push her arms and raise her body up now


She is able to hold her head steady for long period & look around


Laughs out loud when we playing with her or smiling at us by looking at our facial expression


Try to hold her bottle


Sit leaning forward unsupported


More alert to colourful objects


Raise her legs up & sometimes even kick her feet


Precious Pea said...

Er...wanna do one more experiment on Chloe? Let's see if she cry when I gigit her thigh?? so cute!!!

JessieLee said...

aiyo.....u hari hari think of gigit her good la....must sayang ma....:D

Lushia said...

Wah.. Precious Pea ... I gigit you nanti... wahahahahhaa.... jessie maybe you should give Chloe to me, I bet she wont cry. Thank you in advance.

JessieLee said...

hey, you don't talk so much huh, i think she sure will cry out loud when she see you next time...hahaha

Lushia said...

:( she won't de.... noooo!!!