Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goodies from Japan

[biscuits & candies]

[ fab packaging]

What is that???

[strawberry jelly, strawberry cookies & cake, white chocolate cookies]

[Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Blanc Et Lange De Chat Cookies]
Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Blanc Et Lange De Chat cookies is one of the most famous cookies from Hokkaido, Japan. This is one of the cookies i like the most, two thin crispy butter cookies filled with delicious white chocolate in between. Tastes great!!!! He bought it before during his previous trip to Japan. You can easily get this from the airport, and the cookies is still fresh though.

[Phiten Titanium & Rakuwa Bracelet]

Am asking Steven what is this Phiten bracelet for? He told me this is a product which is good for health. To know more about this products, I then googled............ and this is what i got:

The Phiten Titanium Bracelet is made from aqua-titanium to increase sports performance and help relieve stress and pain. The bracelet has a VELCRO® brand closure that snaps it in place to fit any size arm or wrist. Once in place, the bracelet relaxes the nerves and muscles, and the flow of brain-to-body information and blood circulation is improved.

Phiten Rakuwa Bracelet from Phiten combines cutting edge design with the power of titanium. Directly implanted in its' elastomer material are micro-sized titanium balls, which can help to relax arm, hand and wrist muscles. It is especially effective for pain around the fine bones of the fingers, elbow and lower arm. He got me one Hello Kitty model, I think this can only be found in Japan.

Since being launched in Japan this has been one of Phiten's most popular products.

Well, you can easily get this in Malaysia. Check out here for Phiten Shops/Corners in Malysia if you are interested.

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Shiroi Koibito said...

We are selling these cookies in the US. Please visit our website for more information.