Saturday, September 20, 2008

Play Station 3 Official Launched

[Crowded during PS3 Launching]

Sony Playstation 3 HDD 80GB model was official launched at Ground Floor Highstreet, One Utama today.....Be prepared to enter the ultimate world of high definition gaming experience with Playstation 3: The Revolutionary game console with unparalleled multimedia features that incoporates the latest Blu-Ray technology to give you the most cutting edge entertainment experience like no other.....Blu-ray Disc is an optical disc storage device media format. Its main uses are high-definition video and data storage. The disc has the same physical dimensions as a standard DVD or CD. During the high definition optical disc format war, Blu-ray Disc competed with the HD DVD format. The Playstation 3 blue ray technology allows for much better graphics on this system than ever before. In addition to the better graphics, the Playstation 3 blue ray capabilities allows you to play movies that are blue ray compatible....

Steven grab this promo package @ RM 1799 during this lauching, the package include:
  • 01 x 80GB PS3 Console System (Included 1 x DUALSHOCK 3® Wireless Controller)
  • 01 x Soul Calibur IV™
  • 01 x Selected PS3™ (Resistance, Ratchet and Clank Future, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Assassin's Creed)
  • 01 x Custom made PS3™ Tote bag
  • 01 x Soul Calibur IV™ CD holder

The original package actually comes with 01 wireless controller only, you got to add RM 169* in order to get the extra controller, am wondering how can the package comes with just one controller.....their marketing strategy i should say.......

Please find below link for more information about PS3:

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Jev Yeoh said...

wao... is really chun. but not for me.... dream to have it... pray hard 1st. hope that the ps 3 can drop from the sky.... wahahahahaha