Thursday, March 20, 2008

boozing session "last weekend'

It has been absolute 3days in a row of boozing.....

Friday: welcome dinner for my auntie who came from sabah
Saturday: celebrating grandma's birthday
Sunday: cousin housewarming

We had white and red wine on fri dinner, erm, it taste not bad, my uncle brought 2bottles of white wine and dun know how many bottles of red wine :p, and yet we finish every bottle..... My uncle was very happy for the election outcome this, he keep "cheers" with us that night...hahaha.....and he is the one who always sponsor the wines for most of our events....thanks uncle boon loot, we really appreciate it.....:D

On saturday, during grandma's birthday dinner, my bro was discussing about those porpular bar with my cousins and he then suggested to spent a night out with cousins ..... apparently, one of my cousin already make a reservation @ Bar Celona, we then decided to joined him......

Bar Celona is too packed for us but still we have so much fun that night...expecially my elder brother, got drunk that night...i guess he must be "over excited" la....haha........:p

On sunday, we went to my cousin's house warming in Kota Kemuning....she just moved there few mths ago, and yes, boozing again.....after that, we had our karaoke session ....singing and drinking till 12 midnight....what a wonderful night.....:D

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