Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another busy weekend

I had an appointment with cheryl & michelle on sat, we had been chatting for i know why cheryl organised @ McD, so that her daughther RuYi can have fun with the kids there.....there is a corner for the kids to play.....but 4hrs is consider quite long for a kid eventhough she can play with the other kids , so she did make noise & told her mummy that she want to go home already .....haha....:D

Steven & I went to Pavillion on sun, we saw lotsa ppls queuing up @ The Loaf & the promoter is giving out their flyers, and then only we discovered this U-hu-hu can choose from a variety of 18 delicious U-hu-hu cheese cakes, it cost rm 5 each.....we bought one box to try out, one box comes with 6 pieces of cheese cake, we had banana supreme, durian obsession, stylo milo, bluberrytreasures, magnificent mango & lustrous is really delicious but some of the flavour is abit sweet if you dun like that sweet, you can choose for some flavour which is not that sweet, you may check it out with the promoter there......:D so..........hurry up, go try this U-hu-hu cheese cake before the promotion end. (yummy yummy)

[RM 30, comes with a nice box]

I was so surprise when i saw the sanrio counter @ Parkson Pavillion, i dun know there is a sanrio counter there, it is so hard for me to find sanrio counter in so excited....there are so many hello kitty stuffs there.....i got myself a small pouch & a heychain holder....wish to buy all the hello kitty stuffs there actually............going crazy again....hehe :p

[hello kitty pouch & keychain]


peiyin said...

cheese cake is my favourite... can't find cheese cake here :(
so know what to do when i go back lah...wahahahaha

JessieLee said...

cheh, you also dun have spare time for me la...