Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bloom Workshops

After longing for so long, i'm finally attended one of the photography workshop, Bloom Workshops #2: From Passion to Skill! This time, the workshop was held at KLPAC.

A very good experience I would say, I have learned a lot during the workshop. Thanks to the Bloom Girls who are so kind to shared their experience & also photography techniques to all of us. Besides, I also got the chance to photograph some models, this was my first time and it was extremely fun though! :)

door gifts

Here's some photos for sharing during the workshops:

Venue: KLPAC
Hair & Make Up: Liew Lee Kuen of Bridal Glam
Theme Setups: Milestones
Bridal Gown: Pretty in White

One of the pretty theme setup for practical session by Mun Tzin

Model: Karen Lim YL

Model: Cheryl & Hock

Model: Karen Lim KY

Model: John & Erin

and the 4 gorgeous speakers are...

From left to right: Grace Tan, Anna-Rina, Asther Lau, Fiona Lim
(group picture grab from Bloom Workshops)

Looks like I need some time to improve my photography skill though, hope it doesn't take me too long, so...............KEEP SHOOTING! Guess i'm seriously inspire by the Bloom Girls....hehehe


Asther said...

Thank you for being with us! Very glad that you've gained something from this workshop and looking forward to more beautiful work from you. ;)

JessieLee said...

Thanks Asther :)