Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our little gal!

Hmm, it's time to update about Chloe now! Our little one is turning 3 year old very soon. Wow, time passed so fast, it's time to plan for Chloe's 3rd birthday! Hehe...

Some update about Chloe:
  • She's now getting more and more talkative
  • Her favourite movie now - Dora
  • She's finally able to tell for pee & poo
  • Loves to go to kindergarten
Here's some pictures for sharing:

she loves playing with her cousin - baby Carol

Some update at nursery

3 weeks ago, Chloe's participated in a dancing performance organized by her kindergarten. It was her kindergarten Graduation & Annual Concert 2011. She & her classmate represented their class to give a speech before their performance start. She was a bit nervous during the speech, her first time to give a speech infront of all the parents & guests, consider good though! :p

pre-nursery class performing a yellow polka dot bikini dance...

and twinkle twinkle litter star

As for dancing, although she can't remember every single step, but she will look to the person next to her & follow their step. Haha

Kindergarten Outing:

Last friday, Chloe's kindergarten organised a trip to Sushi Making Class & Aquaria KLCC. And I requested her class teacher to take some pictures during their trip. From the pictures, she did enjoyed her educational trip.

She even told me what she has seen in the Aquaria KLCC when I pick up her from nursery. :D

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