Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hand Bag Organizer

Hand Bag Organizer is the perfect multiple compartment to keep your items tidy & organized within your bag. With this Hand Bag Organizer, all the items in our bag are now easily accessable. :)

The best thing I like is this one size organizer can be used to suit a variety of daily handbag choices. We can just transfer the bag from one to another without any hassle. There are few colors available for you to choose such as black, grey, pink, blue, purple & etc. You may check it out at Popular bookstore. Price @ RM 12.00 only. (popular member price @ RM 10.00)


Heng said...

can i know u bought tis bag organizer at which popular? Thank.

JessieLee said...

Hi there, I bought this from Popular Malacca..:)