Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chloe 17 Month Old Update

Chloe started calling me mummy when she was 13 mth old, whenever she sees me now, she wouldn't stop calling me. I'm just so touched.

I still remember the first time we brought Chloe to the playground, she was still a little baby, she has grown up now, she can now play on the slide by her ownself. Look how much she enjoyed it.

Although this Bumbo Baby Seat is a bit too small for her now, but sometimes she still loves to sit on it.

Here are some short clips for sharing:

Chloe favourite show

Barney is one of Chloe favourite show. She watched it everyday at least once, usually first thing she does once woke up in the morning is watch Barney...

She loves singing.

She loves playing with puppy too.

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