Friday, February 20, 2009

My Confinement Session

When it comes to confinement, most people will have a same comment that confinement is the most boring period, for the entire month. As for me, it wasn't that bad, time passes quite fast though. I had my confinement in my hometown, Malacca & my mum cooked for me during this period, she helped me to bath my baby & also taking care of my baby during the night.

What we shouldn't do during confinement period?

  • Can't bathing/wash hair - avoiding exposure to cold elements such as cold water. I had quick shower everyday with boiled water with herbal bath (大风荷) & as for my hair, I used the disposable shampoo cap and then blow dry.
  • Can't use the fan - but still, I turn on the aircon with low temperature.
    ( These prohibitions help ensure that your body is not made any 'cooler' and you retain as much heat as possible. It is believed this will help avoid health problems later in life such as rheumatism, arthritis, headaches and body pains.)

  • Can't drink water - only water boiled with dried longan, red dates, and nan zao.

  • Can't watch movie, Can't surf net, Can't reading - too much concentration for the eyes is not encouraged, it may hurt our eyes later in life. I started watching movie & go online after my 2nd weeks of confinement, but not in long hours, i think it should be ok...:D (I get scolded by my mum whenever i go online :p )

[Herbal Bath]

[Disposable Shampoo Cap]

What to eat during confinement period? Well, you can take food cooked with ginger, sesame oil, rice wine & Benedictine DOM . This is to warm the body up and promote better blood circulation and strengthening of the joints.

Am i bored with these foods? Seriously, i'm ok with all these foods eventhough i'm repeatingly eating the same dishes during this period and maybe because my mum's cooking is my all time favourite.

[Confinement Foods]

After one whole month confinement, it is time to work out & lose weight.

When can I get rid of those stretch mark? Sigh......................

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